Bosu Burn

Bosu Burn

Intensify your Workouts with the Instability of the Bosu. Paired with the Pilates, Barre & Fascia Fitness Repertoires, Activate the Deep Stabilising Muscles, Engage the Core and Tone Every Tiny Muscle you Never Knew you had. Reshape and Redefine as we Target the Hips Booty and Side Body as we Create Lean Slender Definition throughout the Body. A wonderfully Effective and fun Prop to Elevate your Workout Routine.

Bosu Burn
  • 20 Minute Bosu Barre Burn - Hips Waist Booty

    The Burn is Where the Magic Happens. Blend Dynamic Barre Sequences with Instability to Create Lean Slender Definition throughout the Body. Redefine & Reshape as we Target & Tone Hips, Waist and Booty. Some of the most Effective & Transformative Moves. Workout with or Without the Bosu. Let me know...

  • 23 Minute Arms & Booty - Bosu Burn PART 2

    Light Weights combined with Instability Create Lean Slender Definition. Work with the Bosu to Challenge Stability or On the Mat for Support. Sculpt and Lift the Booty, Redefine the Arms. Dynamic, Swift and Fun, I hope you love this Effective Workout, and most of all, Feel The Burn. Let me know ho...

  • 25 Minute Bosu Barre Burn - Lean Legs

    Create Length and Lean Definition as we Integrate the Bosu Ball for the Ultimate Barre Burn. Activate the Deep Stabilisation Muscles and Engage the Core as we Tone and Condition every Tiny Muscle. If you are without a Bosu, Practice this Workout on The Mat to Build Confidence and Control. No Barr...