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Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

24 Minute Holiday Body - Part 2 Full Body Tone

Holiday Body - The Travel Series • 23m

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  • 14 Minute Holiday Body - Part 1 Class...

    Part 1 of the Holiday Body Series targets the Deep Core. Blending Classical Pilates with Barre Floor as we Crunch, Pulse & Twist our way to a Tone, Tight & Zipped Up Core. Stagger separately or run in one continuous Sequence for the ultimate Epic Workout. I would love to hear how you find it xox

  • 27 Minute Full Body Core Control

    We begin with a Core Series focus on Alignment & Core Control as we Transition to a Full Body Workout, incorporating the Pilates Soft Ball, this Workout is designed to engage our Deep Stabilisation Muscles, from Upper Body Strength to Sculpting and Toning the Lower Body, Fast, Efficient and Super...

  • 32 Minute Pilates Full Body Full Power

    The best Workouts are when the odds are against you, but you find your way to the Mat no matter. Full length, Full Body, Full Power, this Workouts is designed to cover all bases. We begin with a Planking Series to Elevate the Heart Rate, Strengthen the Upper Body and Activate the Core, Transition...