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Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

26 Min Chair Workout - Side Body & Inner Outer Thighs

WEEK 3 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge • 26m

Up Next in WEEK 3 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge

  • 31 Minute Pilates Ball Burn - Zip Up ...

    A Powerful & Effective Workout to Zip Up & Tone all the Hard to Reach Bits; Hips, Hammies, Side Body, Waistline & Core. The Humble Pilates Ball is arguably as or more effective than the Reformer Itself, guiding us to Engage our Deep Intrinsic Stabilisation Muscles for the Ultimate Transformative ...

  • 17 Minute Dancer Arms

    Light Weights combined with Dancer esque moves ensure Lithe & Supple Definition. Work with Fluid Movements, Maximum Range and Minimal Weights to Achieve Slender, Toned Dancer Arms. Connect Mind to Body with Ever Changing Dynamic Sequences, No bulking up here. Keep me posted with how you find it xox

  • 36 Minute Tone - Full Body Part 1

    Redefine & Tone with Rhythmic Sequences designed to Create Lean Slender Definition. Connect Breath to Movement as we Elevate the Heart Rate Dynamic Combos, Find Length and Expansion throughout the Body. Practice this Flow multiple times to find your Rhythm. Add light Ankle Weights to Intensify yo...