WEEK 1 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge

WEEK 1 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge

A blend of Health & Wellness Coach Approved Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips combined with Curated Targeted Workouts designed to Create Lean Slender Definition throughout the Body as we Focus on Form, Progression, The Deep Core, and Ultimately Transformations. I recommend Practicing these Workouts in order with Rest Day when you see fit. May this 6 Week Transformation be a Spring Board for your Rhythmic Pilates journey, toward Your Best Health, Best Body & Best Self.

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WEEK 1 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge
  • 6 Week Transformation - Workout Schedule WEEK 1

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    WEEK 1 Workout Schedule of The 6 Week Transformation Challenge. Curated Workouts Sequenced and Designed to Create Lean Slender Definition, Tone & Strengthen the Entire Body whilst Focusing on Form and the Deep Core. Hand Picked Workouts to Springboard you toward your Very Best Body and Self in 2024

  • 20 Minute Express Full Body - Full Power

    Tone the Entire Body. Integrate the Pilates Ball to Activate the Deep Core and Pelvic Adductor Line of Facia (Inner Thighs / Pelvic Floor), as we use our Own Body Weight to Redefine the Shoulders, Upper & Lower Body. This is your Express Full Body Workout. Intense, Effective, Efficient. Turn to i...

  • 11 Minute Power Core

    Tone & Tighten the Core in this 11 Minute Mini Series. Designed to be as Efficient as it is Dynamic. Integrate the Entire Body and feel the Transformative Power of integrating Dynamic, Effective Movement in your Day. Practice this flow on it's own or combine it with your favourite Rhythmic Pilat...

  • 29 Minute Age Defying Arm & Waist Reshape

    In this Age Defying Workout we Focus on the Side Waist, to Redefine the Waistline. Focus on Strength, Mobility and Body Awareness to keep us feeling young through the ages. Redefine & Elongate the Side Body. Tone & Sculpt the Arms, Creating Lean Slender Definition. Integrate the Pilates Ball to A...

  • 14 Minute Holiday Body - Part 1 Classical Core

    Part 1 of the Holiday Body Series targets the Deep Core. Blending Classical Pilates with Barre Floor as we Crunch, Pulse & Twist our way to a Tone, Tight & Zipped Up Core. Stagger separately or run in one continuous Sequence for the ultimate Epic Workout. I would love to hear how you find it xox

  • 27 Minute Anytime Full Body Flow - Focus on Form

    A Full Body Flow to turn to Anytime, but especially in These Times. Focus on Form as we Connect Mind to Body, Breath to Movement. Practice Mindful Movement with Intuitive Sequences to Transform Mind, Body & Soul. Lengthen, Strengthen and Tone from Top to Toe. Work with your Own Body Weight. Let m...

  • 30 Minute Deep Core - Gut Restore

    Integrate the Entire Body as we Strengthen, Tone & Tighten the Deep Core. Ease Digestive Distress, Reduce Bloating and Fluid Retention in this Restorative and Effective Flow. Add Light Ankle Weights to Elevate the Intensity. Hope you love it, let me know how you feel xox

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  • Rhythmic Wellness - 6 Week Transformation WEEK 1

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    Health & Wellness Coach Approved. Easily Integrated Proven Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Steps. Designed to Guide & Springboard you toward Your Journey to be Your Very Best Body & Self.