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Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

22 Minute Barre Flow

20 - 30 Minute Workouts • 22m

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  • 29 Minute Foam Roller Strengthen & Le...

    In this 29 Minute Workout we Lengthen, Strengthen and Release Tension using the Foam Roller to Target the Deep Core Muscles and Glutes whilst elongating the Toning Legs and Arms. This humble prop is sure to surprise with its endless possibilities and power to leave you feeling uplifted and open t...

  • 27 Minute Abs & Arms

    In This 27 Minute Workout we Tone the Abs & Arms whilst working the legs. Reaching, lengthening & toning the deep intrinsic muscles. This bonus Workout is the perfect boost when you're looking to zip up & tone up. If you're without weighted bangles, light hand weights around 1-1.5kg w...

  • PART 1 - 26 Minute Back to Basics

    All the fundamentals in a 2 Part Series. Perfect for those starting out, returning after a break, or anyone wishing for a reset. Key positions, fluid movements, in a seamless Flow. No equipment needed, just yourself and your Mat, with every tiny muscle covered, you will still feel the burn.