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Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

Watch this video and more on Rhythmic Pilates

27 Minute Glutes & Core with The Mini Ball

Hips, Outer Thighs & Booty • 27m

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  • 32 Minute Full Summer Body Workout

    Perfect for those days time is of the essence, but you want to hit up every tiny muscle, for that full body Summer Workout. Tone, define and reach beyond your expectations. For extra burn add in Around 1kg Ankle Weights and a second set to work your Arms. A set of light hand weight work equally w...

  • 25 Minute Glutes, Side Waist & Arms

    In this Workout we are using key Principles of both Barre & Pilates Mat Work to work the Glutes, define the Side Waist & Tone the Arms. All the while, we are working in a Dynamic way, where the muscles work together for maximum impact. A whole body workout that will leave you feeling comp...

  • 22 Minute Ballet Arms & Booty

    In this Workout we begin with our Ballet Arms, the best way to achieve toned Summer ready Arms. We land at the Barre, working the Posterior Chain using the Ball to activate the Booty & Hamstrings. If you're without a Barre, a High Back Chair or Counter Top around Hip Height both work equally ...