Pilates Stretch & Lengthen

Pilates Stretch & Lengthen

Find Length and Expansion within the Body as we Focus on Functional Flexibility, Spinal Mobility & Guided Sequences. Dynamic Workouts blend multiple disciplines, Pilates, Barre and Fascia Fitness to Elongate and achieve Lithe, Supple Conditioning and Definition. Redefine and Flow with Precise Cues and a Focus on Form.

Pilates Stretch & Lengthen
  • 19 Minute Full Body Sculpt & Flow

    Condition, Tone and Enhance Mobility with this Dynamic Flow. Blending Pilates & Barre Principles with aspects of Yoga to Increase Functional Flexibility, Tighten the Core and Sculpt the Entire Body. Elevate Heart Rate, Find Length, Expansion and a renewed Sense of Ease in this Full Body Flow. Let...

  • 22 Minute Sculpt & Stretch - PART 2

    Part 2 - The Tone Component. Find Length and Elongate as we Sculpt & Tone the Side Body, Inner / Outer Thighs & Zip Up the Core. Tone & Tighten, as we Transition from Side Lying to a Pilates Abs Series. Combine this Class with Part 1 or Practice on its own. I would love to hear how you go and fee...

  • 28 Minute Pilates Sculpt & Stretch PART 1

    Stretch, Lengthen and create space within the Body. Whilst we Sculpt we Focus on Functional Flexibility, Strength & Mobility. This Workout is Designed to Tone & Redefine the Entire Body. Find Openness, Length & Mobility as we Move & Transition through a Dynamic Flow. I hope you feel amazing xox

  • 30 Minute Pilates Stretch & Lengthen

    In this 30 Minute Flow not only do we Find Length, Stretch & Condition the Entire Body, but we Feel The Burn in the Hips & Glutes. Feel the Intensity Rise as we Work with Classical Pilates & Barre Principles to enhance Functional Flexibility, Spinal Mobility, Control and Alignment, whilst we Tone...

  • 31 Minute Stretch, Lengthen & Redefine

    In this 31 Minute Flow we Stretch and Reach Beyond our Expectations, Elongating & Lengthening as we Focus on Functional Flexibility. Finding Length in the Body, Redefining & Creating Lean Muscle Tone. This Workout is perfect to Begin your day, or to find Peace and Realignment at the end of the da...

  • 30 Minute Full Body - Lengthen Tone & Reach

    (Side note - Apologies Video Starts Dark while I'm speaking, but lightens once we get moving xx) In this 30 Minute Workout we focus on Finding Length in The Body, reaching beyond our expectations, Creating Long, Lean Muscle Tone. Working with the Pilates Ball to create Instability & Engage the In...