WEEK 6 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge

WEEK 6 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge

A blend of Health & Wellness Coach Approved Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips combined with Curated Targeted Workouts designed to Create Lean Slender Definition throughout the Body as we Focus on Form, Progression, The Deep Core, and Ultimately Transformations. I recommend Practicing these Workouts in order with Rest Day when you see fit. May this 6 Week Transformation be a Spring Board for your Rhythmic Pilates journey, toward Your Best Health, Best Body & Best Self.

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WEEK 6 - 6 Week Transformation Challenge
  • 6 Week Transformation Workout Schedule - Week 6 Feb

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    WEEK 6 Workout Schedule of The 6 Week Transformation Challenge. Curated Workouts Sequenced and Designed to Create Lean Slender Definition, Tone & Strengthen the Entire Body whilst Focusing on Form and the Side Waist & Deep Core. Hand Picked Workouts to Springboard you toward your Very Best Body a...

  • 23 Minute Express Core - Tone & Tighten 2

    Your New Favourite Express & Effective Core Workout. Designed to Activate the Deep Core and Obliques with Dynamic Sequences to Tone & Tighten. I'm not one to to tire easily, but these Moves have me feeling the Burn. Hope you love them and they become your New favourite Repertoire.

    PROPS Nothing...

  • 26 Min Chair Workout - Side Body & Inner Outer Thighs

    Overcome the Blah Feeling with this Barre Workout. All you need is a Chair to Tone & Condition the Entire Body. Target the Side Body as we Reshape the Waist & Redefine the Inner Outer Thighs, finishing with a Mini Core Series. The perfect Workout to get you Moving & has sustained me throughout my...

  • 31 Minute Zipped Up Abs & Arms

    Short & Sharp, this Highly Effective Workout Integrates the Pilates Ball to Zip Up the Core and Inner Thighs as we Tone the Arms. Create Lean Slender Definition throughout the Body. This Workout is as Transformative as it is Effective. I hope it provides you everything you need to jump on the Mat...

  • 24 Minute Express Chair Workout - Barre & Fascia Fitness

    Dynamic Chair Workout blends the Barre Repertoire with Fascia Fitness to Tone & Condition the Entire Body. Elevate the Heart Rate, Activate the Deep Core, as we Redefine the Side Body & Waist, and Sculpt the Booty. Dynamic Moves and Sequences with Precise Cues to practice until they feel like sec...

  • 30 Minute Powerhouse Pilates - Core & Glutes

    This All-You-Need Workout Targets the Pilates Power House. Integrate the Pilates Ball to Zip Up The Deep Core and Sculpt the Glutes. New, Dynamic & Low Impact Movements are Designed to Activate the Deep Stabilisation Muscles, Reshape the Waistline & Uplift the Booty. Find your Holiday Body with l...

  • 30 Minute Foam Roller Lengthen & Sculpt

    Integrate the instability of the Foam Roller to Activate the Intrinsic Deep Stabilisation Muscles, a sure fire way to Tone, Elongate and Create Lean Slender Definition. If you are without a Roller, don't let that stop you, improvise and practice the same Moves without one. Sometimes we overwhelm ...

  • Rhythmic Wellness Transformation Challenge - Week 6

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    Health & Wellness Coach Approved. Easily Integrated Proven Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Steps. Designed to Guide & Springboard you toward Your Journey to be Your Very Health, Best Body & Self.